Image of cell phone applications now being used in the classroomWelcome to the site.

“Language Arts Resource”  Our blog needs a new name!   Each workshop group should submit the name they like best. Submissions need to be in the suggestion box by Friday. Voting will be next Wednesday. You will cast your votes individually.

What would you like to see included in our classroom blog? Be thinking about it!

Suggestions will be asked for next week after we have voted on the new name.

Access the blog from class or from home. Get a clue-find the answers to your questions!

Updates on assignments will be posted as well as presented in class.

You will be required to post some of your work in the blog and some of it in your notebooks.

Use language and ideas that are appropriate for school.

Not sure it’s an acceptable post for school ??? Then DON’T post it!

I am looking forward to your posts this week.

Ms. Petersen